Whirld is the Compatible, Extensible, Open world system for Unity 3D.

The Whirld Toolkit provides everything you need to design high quality 3D environments,
and the Whirld Library enables applications like Syn3h to stream those environments on demand.

Both are included in the Whirld Framework, which is a freely available plugin for the Unity 3D Editor.
If you're new to 3D development, welcome aboard! Virtual world design provides a boundless realm for your creativity, as well as teaching you highly marketable skills and providing you with a global audience to enjoy your work. If you're a veteran developer, incorporating the Whirld library into your projects could take them to a new level. Whirld offers a vast collection of ready-made game worlds, an ecosystem of professional and amateur designers, and a growing community of high quality Whirld enabled applications.
Whirld was created to enable virtual realities that share worlds with each other, and that empower players to participate in their creation. If you are interested in Whirld-enabling your Unity application, contact Aubrey Falconer - the creator of Whirld.
Ready to design your own world?
  1. Download Unity 3D:
    Unity 3D is one of the foremost 3D application development platforms available - it includes a powerful runtime, and an incredibly polished editor. Best of all, a free version is available for budding world designers.

  2. Download the Whirld Framework:
    Whirld extends Unity with the resources you need to create and share 3d worlds.

  3. View the Introductory Tutorial:
    Soon a dedicated reference manual will be available for all the functionality Whirld has to offer - but in the mean time, this video will get you started.

  4. Share your creation:
    Once your .whirld file is hosted online, you will be able to explore it in any Whirld enabled application! If you'd like to share, post a link on MarsXPLR.com and you're sure to receive suggestions and support. Once you master the artistic and technical aspects of world design and create a true masterpiece, your work could be featured in the Whirld Repository - a real time global listing of the finest worlds available.

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